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Konica Minolta 7D Lens Tests

On the following tests I document some lens test I did with the 7D and various lenses.

The results should not be taken as absolute numbers because these depend on the test environment (JPG or RAW, sharpening setting etc.). But they may give some information about relative behavior (e.g. how do different appertures compare to each other). Also the test results should not be taken too serious. Its still the contents which makes a good picture and not the lens/camera. On the other hand it is also interesting to know the limitation and strengths of the equipment.

Testresults (will be filled over time):

! Important planned improvement: Camera will be moved by some steps forward and backward to cover MF tolerances which degrade open aperture results

Testsetup & procedure:

The procedure was the following:

Picture of target (red rectangle was the area the resolution was calculated from).

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