Modified process times for the ATL-1000

The main difference between the ATL-1500 and the ATL-1000 is the possibility to modify the process times with the ATL-1500. The main intelligence of the ATL is within the operation panel (Fig 1). This panel contains all electronics which controls the process steps. The main unit contains the electronics for the valves, pump and temperature measurement.

The ATL-1000 can be upgraded to an ATL-1500 by mainly replacing the panel. Older ATL-1000 need also some modification on the mainboard because they do not control the temperature for the room temperature processes. This upgrade is quite expensive. But if you just need some modifications of the process times and steps than there is also a cheaper solution.

The ATL-1000 contains a memory device (Fig 2) which contains all the programs and normally can not be altered by the user. This memory device is an erasable programmable memory (EPROM) circuit. Instead of being soldered the device sits in a socket and can therefore be easily exchanged. This allows now with the ATL-1000 to modify the program by just exchanging this memory device.

Exchange of the EPROM:

• Open the three screws which fix the panel (red arrows in Fig 1)

• Pull the panel out so that you can see the EPROM (Fig 2)

• Use a small screw driver as lever to pull the EPROM out of the socket. Push the screwdriver between EPROM and socket and turn it (Fig 3). Do this at both sides. Be careful not to damage the device or the socket.

• Take the new EPROM and insert it in the socket. Check that the notch of the EPROM looks to the right side when you look on the board as in fig 3. Control first that all pins are at the correct position and than push the EPROM into the socket. Check afterwards that no pin is bent.

Fig 1: ATL-1000 control panel

Fig 2: Location of the EPROM

Fig 3: Removal of EPROM