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I recently bought a ATL-1000 on ebay. Nice machine but it had one drawback. The processes did not all fit to my needs and could not be modified. I did not want to resell it or upgrade to an ATL-1500. Therefore I looked into a possibility to modify the times to my needs. And it was possible by altering the build in program memory. 

For everyone who likes also to modify the times I would offer to create a memory device with the desired times. This allows for example B&W process without pre-rinse and C-41 with 2 steps.

The only restriction is that the first 8 processes run at 38C and the other 8 at room temperature.

The memory device (EPROM) can easily be exchanged by yourself. See see the link below.

If you want to select from more than 16 Processes this is also possible, but needs some mechanical changes (additional switch).

The price is 39.00 Euro plus delivery charge.



Satisfaction guarantee: If the device does not work to your satisfaction you can send it back and will get your money back.

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